Protect your identity online

The Protect your identity online campaign provides a wide array of information and security advice concerning the security of your online transactions, your behaviour on social networking sites, your passwords and your wireless networks.


Éducaloi is a non-profit organization that informs Quebecers of their rights and obligations by providing quality legal information in everyday language. The Jeune pour Jeunes section specifically addresses teenagers' rights and obligations. is a program offering information to teenagers on subjects such as health and safety (on and off the Web), violence, drugs, diversity, etc.

Public safety Canada is the Government of Canada’s public security portal. It offers a host of useful information on cyberbullying, computer security, child safety on the Internet, computer viruses, and so forth.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

These Royal Canadian Mounted Police Internet security pages will provide you with information on Internet's principal dangers, details on online scams and fraud, and will give you numerous tips to surf safely.

Internet 101

The Internet 101 website contains a collection of presentations, safety tips and other resources for parents, educators and police across Canada. Internet 101 was created by a committee of police forces led by the RCMP.


PhoneBusters is the Canadian anti-fraud call center. To report cases of fraud and to learn other ways to protect yourself, your friends and your family.  You can also phone them at 1-888-495-8501. Canada's national tipline is the national Canadian service for reporting sexual exploitation of children on the Internet. It was created to receive and process complaints from members of the public about child pornography, luring, sexual tourism involving children and child prostitution. is also an information, referral and resource centre for child safety on the Internet.

Childnet International

The Childnet International site, based in the UK, gives safety advice to teenagers, parents and teachers. Among others, it offers very detailed information concerning cyberbullying.

Enfant Retour Québec

The Missing Children’s Network is the only non-profit organization in Québec dedicated to finding missing children, preventing assault, kidnapping and runaways, and educating the public about these issues.


To answer your questions better, we are now collaborating with Tel-jeunes, who gives you access to a team of specialists, whether your preoccupations are linked to the Internet or not. Do not hesitate to ask them questions, they can assist you during difficult times in your life. Free service available 24 hours a day.


To get a professional opinion or find out where to go or who to consult about a health problem, call the Info-Santé line in your neighbourhood. A nurse is available 24/7 to answer your call.

You can find the Info-Santé number for your district on the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux site. (Enter your postal code in the search box on the left.)

You can also go to your local CLSC. To find the closest CLSC, consult this list (in French only).

Ordre des psychologues du Québec

Phone : 514 738-1881 or 1 800 363-2644

Regroupement Professionnel des Sexologues du Québec

Website :
Phone: 514 990-4470