What are fake prizes?

There are an incredible number of real contests on the Internet, but there are fake contests too. You might be told that you’ve won a PS3, an Xbox or a cell phone, but you’ll only receive it after you’ve revealed personal information.

What are the dangers of these fake prizes?

You can’t be sure what the company holding the contest will do with the personal information you provide. The contests may be perfectly legitimate, but they could also be organized by fraudsters who will sell your information to companies that will overwhelm you with spam. In that case, of course, the “prize” will never materialize!

How can you protect yourself?

To make sure you’re entering a real contest :

  • Never click on a link from an email or in a window that suddenly appears onscreen. Make sure it’s a real contest by going to the company’s Web site yourself.
  • Read the contest rules and personal information policy.
  • A warning flag should go up if you “win” a contest you didn’t enter!
  • Trust your own judgment.